Hey Mama, Hey...

I'm Leah, the coffee-obsessed, dessert lover behind Mother Snacker...and I made this box for you.

For you that has long days that follow sleepless nights.

For you that just had to peel away from your crying preschooler as you rushed out the daycare door.

For you that is exhausted having spent your day endlessly a chasing after a toddler.

For you that questions almost every move you make as a mom, wondering if you’re doing anything right.

You, yes you.

I made Mother Snacker boxes for you...Why? 

Because I know full well what it’s like to be a struggling, hot-mess Mama just trying to keep my head above water. The Mom that would do anything for her baby but also needs moments to herself. Even if those moments are just a few precious minutes enjoying a great cup of coffee before the kids wake or a delicious brownie after they've gone to bed. Oh, I want the world for you Mama; but I am sending the best of what I can in a box. 

I started Mother Snacker because I see you. I see you giving your all to your family and needing a little something for yourself but not knowing where to start. I see you crying on the bathroom floor wondering if you are even cut out for Motherhood. Well yes Mama, yes you are.

You hold the weight of your family's world on your shoulders and you make it look like wings. 

You got this Mama! I want Mother Snacker to be your beacon. Your reminder that you can handle anything that motherhood throws your way. Your reminder that aren't alone and that you deserve more than what is in this box but that this is the start. The start of giving yourself permission to take a break, to indulge, to breathe deep.

Motherhood is a trip and you shouldn't have to ride it alone. I want to be on this journey with you and share my favorite delicious treats, uplifting quotes, and a funny mom-meme or two along the way.

Together, let's take the break we deserve and snack like a mother.


Leah Brushett


Here's me & my little guy Leo Emery!

I probably should be sharing an ultra-glammed out professional head shot here but let's be real, motherhood, as amazing as it is, is hardly glamorous.

So I thought I'd share one of my favorite photos instead. Despite it being an unfiltered, no makeup shot, it's me and Leo in Maui, can't get any more awesome than that! I can't wait to share more of Mother Snacker with you and to learn about you along the way too. I'd love to hear about your journey through motherhood. Drop me a line at: Hello@MotherSnacker.com